Where’s it


Is it green, blue or in the rising Suns hue,
Is it truly of old or is it another trend in new?
I need you, and am not able to find you?
Who has it? does the million dollar wallstreet veteran have it?
does the sound of a jet plane, or the sky diving hobo have it?
Is it with a sheikh, or with folks dwelling in the streets with no name.
Is it with a war monger, a president, a dictator or a soldier.
Is it with a pope or a middle man fighting a war with wages and needs.
Fountains of florence? valleys of Kashmir? Midnight mariachi and wine?

Where the heck is it! Where?




They don’t know my thoughts,
They don’t know the way i feel down deep,
The guilt and failure is upon me a heap,
i am sinking quick in sands of doubt and fear,
my story is not out of the ordinary that you’d want to hear.

They told me i am made of steel!
Could be? i wonder why my nerves are giving away…
Perhaps they are rusting,
Tearing me up from the inside.
As i keep sinking with a story, ordinary…


Israel in Kerala



In the year 2012, I was in Kochin, Kerala, for a friends wedding. Was very keen to visit this place that houses a small and diminishing Jewish community. So i landed-up early morning at the break of dawn for this clear street view. Mattancheri is pure bliss… narrow by-lanes, old Churches, architectures, colors, spices, and a Sea surrounded by lively fishing community. I was so mesmerized by this place that i missed the train back… and by the way it takes a day and a half to reach Mumbai. The experience was something that i will never regret. But why did i not stay another day in paradise? I ask me now.

Stunning things like the culture mix, local eating joints, fishing with the fishermen, lively market place, the jetty and so much more… was something that I couldn’t capture due to a camera issue, but the beautiful visuals and experiences are imprinted in my memory clear.

And yeah, we got on in a running train without a reservation, but slept in an air conditioned coach comfortably and reached safe with a lingering desire to be back to Kochin.

YHWH will provide… the story so far and a lesson i realize and live!

The Land of Israel, Cochin, Kerala Cheena vala  - Chinese fishing nets of Fort Cochin
Israel By the door DSC_0407 Enter In

A Short Story at IRIS



We’ve set the bridge’s of conventional on fire
We’ve built ourselves brick by brick,
Through thick and thin, blood and sweat.
We were accomplice!

We shared our April, dared challenges.
Chasing possibilities, swam through the red to the blue oceans.
You led sensibly!!!

At the end when you called it a day, I realized all of this have been a professional adventure we’d cherish; “A Short Story at IRIS”