Birds Are Meant TO Fly


Birds are meant to fly;
Then said I…

This is not a sonnet, to start with;
these verses they have no rhyme and reason to it,
Are you reading this?… i bet you have a lot of time on your hands, and nothing productive to achieve.

Here you go…
Joy haunted and hurt me, She was all about Joy though.
Prayers are not wishes, or are they?
A conversation with GOD is like that of a Psalm?

Also, sculpting a rhyme is a difficult thing.
Here I am trying my best to connect these dots…
Though I am clay, my thoughts today seems mundane and programmed.

Time does not wait, Then again…
Hope is also in waiting for the right time.

Oh by the way, Red Bull does not give you wings.
Even if you have mixed it with Gin!!!
So do not jump off!!!



They say silence is golden.
Even a fool cant be told.

They have a proverb for all situation.
Ask a man who is ripped off of his soul.

From Crystals the empty ones drink of.
He used to gulp it down to bottle up his overflowing emotions.

He looked at heaven and awed.
Words dripped from the sky, and his silence he spoke;
The whisper; It was of a wise man’s Roar.



Seated on a barren rock, staring desparingly at monotone emptiness.
A rumble erupts from under bringing me to tears!
Stream breaking forth in a hopeless desert?
Verbs, nouns, and adjectives I am not mindful of, by the confession of my bleak understanding!
All of a Sudden the atmosphere has transformed, The insense of happiness blends in the air and the embrace of pure joy brings limitless praise!
At my best shot, words fail me!
How can I express a fitting Thank YOU?

Miracles cant be expressed in words… Can it be? My best attempt is futile.
The parting of Red Sea is a hair-raising experience I have underestimated!
Many life changing moments I have kept on the shelves to collect dust!
David danced undignified, judged people righteously, fought for HIS people and even wrote many stunningly beautiful Psalms
I did nothing and atrociously wrote this!

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Songs of love, hate and life are meticulously lined up in the cassette…
They pass by as people rivet on…
Memories carefully wrap in.

Youtube suggested a song, so I clicked play and it was literally like… there goes my Crush.
Powered up my old iPod and it was like a light that shone in a dark corner of teenage angst, headbanging in careless happiness…
A freshly minted picture of yesterday!
Played another one and there goes a nightshift on the job answering Australian customers
And another one made me blackout as she walked on all over me… well that’s what shoes are for, maybe!
As the songs kept playing my heart rejoiced at these memories wrapped in colorful lyrics.
SO beautiful to know that darkness and redemption were next to each other as Sue Rinaldi and Matt Redman sang Thank YOU for the Cross.

On this short note, I suggest that Once in a while you should roll-up them old cassettes, Vinyls, CD’s or any old unformatted iPod.

It is a surreal experience when the story of your life is rewinded in songs!

1.0 – Jumper Cable

Saw a broken down vehicle on a desert highway, an old man waved for help.
The sight naturally was not seducing. I stopped by; the man started yapping away to glory about the cars he had, it got me enthused a bit, and in the meantime, I drew out the jumper cables lying at the back of my car…

About the Yapping… he went on and on trying to show off, as his countenance resembled that of royalty. The rat race to swagger didn’t entice me anymore by now I grew disinterested and wanted to go my way… somehow he began to think that he owned me!!!

Now at this point, I withdrew the jumpers to move on ahead…

Call For Head Or Tail


It feels like I’ve entered into an evolution lifecycle in this place, making it professionally lucrative to stay here, that’s one side of the coin; On the flipside, it is an endurance test of patience and personal freedom!

So? the coin on its HEAD is:
– Enforced adaptation to latest processes, technology standards and social revolution; in other words, Peer Pressure. And this could possibly propel me?

And its TAIL is a:
– Social demography that includes people with Heavy Patriarchal Mindset, Multiple Ethnicity, Homo Sapien Attitude; in other words EGO Binge, because Netflix is not mainstream yet. And this could possibly stagnate me?

That’s the coin given to me and it’s one heck of a collector coin to keep flipping, ain’t it?