Why I’d Hire A Wannabe Over A Desperate Job Seeker.


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There are a Three critical things I look at when hiring.
And These three views have helped me a lot in getting the right and responsible candidates hired.

1. Desperate ones are capable of remembering the vision and mission of the company and would recite it like a parrot when asked to represent. Unfortunately, they are least likely to understand the heart behind the statement. In short, it will be like buying a mannequin when the search is for a salesman.

It is okay to explain the vision and mission and even discuss the general environment in the company during the PI phase. It is very highly possible that the candidate is underprepared or nervous. At the end of the day, it is important to know if He/She aligns to us and our goals.

2. Know what a desperate job seeker V/S What a Wannabe hire wants out of the job! There will be is a lack of motivation/passion or meaning behind the need for the job applied for. Mostly the desperate ones just want a job!

It is possible that the applicant is not from the related field when it comes to relevant experience mentioned in the CV. It is also possible that the candidate is highly passionate has done thorough research on the position or even has side projects to give a glimpse of His/Her passion. In these cases, the wannabe can pick up, learn and grow during the initial phase of internship/probation.

2. Personality? It is very important to dig through his/her current aspirations, and all previous achievements and the role of people around him/her in reaching a certain milestone or in achieving something or even in learning something new. You will genuinely see a huge influence of a team/manager or colleague/s in the development of the candidate. Do not seek a serpent leader over a servant leader it could deceive you out of Eden. A Wannabe would want to learn, grow and impart while a Desperate would want to step on and damn available object/people and climb.

I definitely make sure to dig through the hobbies of a person, the personality of a person shines through in this one.

Have I concluded this piece abruptly?


Take my head precious!!!

Look at me,
Here i am with no motivation.
Here i am with everything to loose.

Look at me,
Here i am facing the truth,
Here i am facing the stones like a scarlet woman!

Look at me,
Tied to the pole,
A man with a gaping hole in his soul.

Look at me…
Let me know if you happy now?
Now, now that i am going down without a fight!

Look at me…
No more James Bond bravado!
No more summer breeze romance!
Let me be Goliath and that one perfect stone dance on to me!




There… they brew up a storm!

Stay or Move?
Will i stagnate or improve?
Hate or Love…
I am a master of none.

I could stop a storm, why not?
I could fly into your thoughts, easily!
I can play your anthem!
I can ace a jack of all!

Can i defeat my own statement?
I can!
Can i change my mindset?
I can!

So can you?

Am gonna say a prayer, jump off that roof and fly through the storm.
So why not you?

Dust them stack of vinyls, get them spinning, say a prayer, fly with the symphony.

You’ve got your superman in you too…

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Where’s it


Is it green, blue or in the rising Suns hue,
Is it truly of old or is it another trend in new?
I need you, and am not able to find you?
Who has it? does the million dollar wallstreet veteran have it?
does the sound of a jet plane, or the sky diving hobo have it?
Is it with a sheikh, or with folks dwelling in the streets with no name.
Is it with a war monger, a president, a dictator or a soldier.
Is it with a pope or a middle man fighting a war with wages and needs.
Fountains of florence? valleys of Kashmir? Midnight mariachi and wine?

Where the heck is it! Where?